Finding the perfect employee is never an easy task, nor is the long process of hiring one. So how do you hire these employees? Are you still using spreadsheets, or unconventional methods? Whichever way, these tools are not specific to hiring, nor will they efficiently help you with this tedious task!

Here’s why you’re wasting your time:

For keeping a candidate’s record, a spreadsheet is completely inconvenient. Why? Because it’s not a hiring tool. A spreadsheet that contains a candidate’s information can easily be forgotten about, or accidentally deleted. Excel won’t really help you much in making decisions regarding a candidate in question; it technically just serves the purpose of displaying the information for you. If you have a huge candidate pool, you’re going to need the right hiring tool.

Okay, so what hiring tool do I need to be using?

You need an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) like Cavall; a software cloud that integrates all the hiring steps and manages the recruitment process from acquire to hire. And here’s the catch: you won’t have to fumble through multiple documents, spreadsheets or folders looking for specific information regarding the candidate. Basically, an ATS like Cavall keeps all the information you need in one place.

Lets say you want to pull out some information about a candidate who really spiked your interest. Cavall will pull out all the information related to this candidate in a split second. It saves you from panicking when you realize you may have accidentally deleted the spreadsheet related to the candidate.

But wait, it doesn’t stop here:

An ATS like Cavall doesn’t only pull out the candidate’s information for you, it also pulls out their social media accounts. Something a spreadsheet certainly couldn’t do! And if you want to proceed by calling the candidate in for an interview, all you have to do is send him/her a calendar invitation with the designated time, place, and date of the interview. You don’t have to carry your agenda with you anymore; all interview dates are organized and stored for you in Cavall.


You interviewed the candidate and you may want some extra feedback

So you interviewed the candidate but you want to ask your fellow co-worker for extra feedback. You don’t even have to use your phone; Cavall’s referral system will do the trick. You have the option of sending a direct referral link where the candidate enters his/her information to an ”apply now” page. This way, Cavall will remember this user for the vacancy; they will also receive an email once the link is generated.

It only gets better

You’re probably thinking “Investing in Cavall is going to be great for me” and you’re right. Cavall won’t only help you use your time more efficiently, it eliminates all the time you would have spent using old-fashioned methods. With the extra time on your hands you can now focus on more important questions such as: “Is this the right candidate for our team?” You’ll have time to easily judge with just a few clicks, and everything that will help you make your decision will be displayed right before your eyes in just a matter of seconds.