As an HR, you must be sitting at your desk, with a throbbing headache, deliberating how you’re going to screen that pile of CVs. The solution is quite simple, and we promise you its more effective than a Panadol; all you need is Cavall the Applicant Tracking System. Now you might be thinking, “What can Cavall do for me?” Cavall will manage the entire recruitment cycle for you; from the moment you source the candidate to the moment you send off the offer. Here is why you should be using Cavall:

You No Longer Have to Deal With a Large Candidate Pool on Your Own

Interviewing numerous candidates and screening various CVs in one day will eventually take its toll on you. Cavall’s CV parsing tool will work wonders for you. First of all, it automates the process of pulling out the candidate’s personal information for you, such as: name, email, and phone number. Finally, if you want to check where your candidate stands in terms of social presence, Cavall can also identify their social media accounts for you!

You Can Easily Identify Talent

As a recruiter, your main goal is to find the right candidate who is both talented and likable. But in a pool of numerous applicants, looking for the right person is similar to searching for a needle in a haystack. To ensure a successful hire, employee referrals are proven to be a faster and more efficient way to hire. With Cavall’s referral system, you can ask your employees, alumni, customers, vendors or even partners to refer a candidate via their social media or email connections. You can either share the vacancy link your network, or create your own referral link for a certain vacancy.

Avoid Interview No-Shows

If you’re tired of candidates not showing up for interviews, Cavall will help you avoid this issue. You can schedule the interviews through Cavall, where the invitation can be viewed on Google Calendar, including information such as when, where and with whom the interview will be taking place. The potential candidate has the option to answer with “Yes”, “Maybe” or “No” to the invitation. In addition, the candidate can also navigate to the location using Google Maps.

Rank the Qualifications of Multiple Candidates Using Standarized Forms

You can easily attract job seekers to apply for a vacancy on a public job board. But screening through all these candidates and looking for that one qualified superstar can be quite of a hassle. With Cavall, you can add questions that are specific to the screening process. Instead of having to review every single CV, you can rank them based on the answers to your standardized questions in the evaluation form. In addition, you can customize forms and templates based on your own preferences. For example, you can customize Interview feedback forms where you can choose your satisfaction rate in terms of Degrees, Training, or Duration within Job(s).

You no Longer Have to Write Reports Yourself

Cavall saves the best for last. If you hate staring at your excel sheet for hours to come up with a recruitment report, then you don’t need to worry anymore. Cavall’s reporting and analytics feature give you access to various detailed reports where you can view all the information related to your job openings and applicants. For example, the analytics system can give you solid numbers about how well a certain job postings is doing online. It can also give you a breakdown of the sources of your applicants.