HR staff don’t just aim to to train and hire employees, they also seek to develop a workforce that is aligned with the company’s vision and mission. Do you spend the majority of your time screening CVs? Do you struggle with writing job descriptions? Do you find it hard to retain your top employees? Do you feel like your HR experience resembles a waking nightmare? Not all heroes wear capes – but Cavall the Applicant System can definitely save your day, and you’ll never have to face these obstacles alone. Here are four major hiring problems that Cavall can fix for you:


The combined cost of hiring, recruiting, and on-boarding can make the recruitment process quite expensive. Many businesses today feel strained with their budgets, and the extensive recruitment process does not make it any easier for them. When organizations are confined with their funds, their HR decisions will be confined as well. This in return, does not improve the recruitment process. Cavall, however, can eliminate this recruitment blunder by automating the whole entire process for you. Think of Cavall as a multi-tool that can handle several factors at once in the hiring process. Not only will it save you money, but it also saves you time.

Interview No Shows

Does scheduling an interview create a chain of missed phone calls between you and a potential candidate? It’s definitely annoying when communicating with your candidate becomes a hassle. Cavall will ease this problem for you by ensuring all your interviews are scheduled and organized. Users with the right permissions can also send calendar invitations to potential interviewees. In addition, with Cavall’s map integration feature, candidates can easily find the exact location of your offices, which can help eliminate abrupt interview cancellations or no-shows.

Having Too Many CVs

Keeping track of multiple CVs is both tedious and tiring. Determining whether a candidate is qualified for a role will require you to screen through all available CVs and search for the specific requirements. Cavall on the other hand, will pull out the candidates’ information for you with a simple click of the mouse. Cavall parses the CVs into a simple format, where you no longer need to struggle with the different applicants styles, and compare one CV to another in order to extract information.

Too Much Going On At Once

Are you struggling with keeping track of where each applicant stands in the interview process? Cavall will make it easier for you to track where candidates are in your recruitment pipeline. For instance, you can easily gain access to information that shows whether or not your candidate is scheduled for a second, or final interview. Also, Cavall can help you keep track of final decisions, such as whether or not the candidate is to be hired or disqualified.