An Applicant Tracking System will always work for you, even if you’re not currently hiring. Owners, managers and recruiters continuously seek to develop their team’s success by hiring candidates that are both qualified and talented. If you decide to begin your recruiting activities only when a vacancy emerges, then you might actually struggle with the recruitment process. You may not be hiring right now, but you will always need an ATS that will always work for you and help you get the best talent for your team.

To Look For Candidates Before You Really Need Them

If you’re on a hiring spree, then you might want to make sure you’re not just mindlessly hiring any candidate. It’s crucially important to be very diligent and attentive when it comes to hiring a candidate that makes a great fit for your team. An ATS will help you find the best candidates by allowing you to start your candidate pipelining a long time before. For these reasons, an ATS will find qualified candidates for you, and you will no longer feel forced to reach out to the first candidate that you find.

To Prepare For The Inevitable Possibility of Turnover

We all know that turnover is both inevitable and expensive. Utilizing an ATS like Cavall will help you reduce turnover, by creating a positive candidate experience throughout the hiring process. Cavall allows you to communicate better with your applicants, thus improving employee retention. An ATS allows you to perform multiple tasks at once; such as sending candidates’ CVs to your team, which can help you create feedback forms and schedule potential candidates for interviews. When you’re able to perform all these tasks efficiently, candidates who will be hired will be happy with the smooth onboarding process, which will increase their job satisfaction and reduce turnover rates.

To Build An Effective Hiring Habit

When you build great hiring habits, you’ll always know how to implement them once you start hiring again. As you may know, the recruitment process requires you to dive into it in a strategic manner. You should never stop seeking new talent even if you’re not currently hiring. You can cut your sourcing time short by dedicating a certain amount of time everyday to sourcing rather than sourcing for three to four hours a day. Once you build a great and effective hiring habit, you’ll never lose your touch.

To Gather Information From Recruitment Data

Every recruiter aims to measure his or her recruiting performance at some point. Your hiring needs might constantly change, and you might find yourself going through a huge hiring push, followed by a period of not hiring at all. Using the reporting and analytics system on Cavall, you can figure out how much time is your team spending on interviewing candidates, or what percentage of candidates are accepting your job offers. You might not be scaling right now, but within time, your hiring needs will change, and in order to measure your recruiting performance, you must make sure that you’re tracking it throughout the year.