If you’re worried that you have to be the one to manage your own hiring pipeline, then you need not worry, because Cavall’s number one job is to manage all your hiring activities. You can now leave all your old recruiting habits behind, sit back and enjoy a streamlined hiring process. Now you may ask “But how?” This is where Cavall steps in and will help you achieve this with the following steps:

Streamline Your Candidates Across Various Sources

If you aim to attract candidates from multiple sources, then you should know that you would receive candidates from recruiting agencies, employee referrals, career sites and job boards. This is where Cavall steps in and manages all these candidates (from different channels) and identifies the ones that are the best fit for your organization. In addition, Cavall allows you to customize the stages in your recruiting pipeline. After sourcing your candidates, the next step usually involves contacting them regarding the interview.

Create A Structured Interview Process

Interviewing candidates is never easy. Every role requires a certain interviewing technique. It’s essentially important to not bombard and overwhelm candidates with too many interviews or tests, which is why you should create a well-structured interview process. By using Cavall, you can customize the interview process by establishing interview stages. Try to keep the process short, and make sure you keep track of the average time candidates usually spend on each stage.

Create A Consistent Method of Evaluation

When it comes down to evaluating your candidates, you must be fair in identifying both their strengths and weaknesses. Cavall can help you set up an evaluation template. In order to create a consistent method of evaluation, you must make sure that your interviewers constantly provide feedback. Are you tired of reminding interviewers to provide feedback on candidates? Cavall will handle the tedious tasks of sending them alerts and reminder emails.

Collaborate With Your Team

Last but not least, you must keep in mind that hiring candidates is a team activity. Cavall will allow different members of your team to collaborate in the process of finding the best candidates. The hiring manager must lead the team, screen candidates and check if the pipeline has fulfilled the requirements. Interviewers need to ensure that all the information necessary to conduct productive interviews is available. If you’d like to learn more about how to manage your hiring team then click here to read the following article.