It goes without saying, that the best way to build an effective talent pipeline, is to care about your candidates. Candidates must feel valued, it’s the only way they’d be more enthusiastic about filling the role and seeking future opportunities. There are a few steps you need to integrate in order to build an effective talent pipeline.


First things first, you will need to devise a fruitful plan. Planning is a crucial factor in the equation of success. The planning process must encompass company growth goals, the strength of your employer brand,  and the size of your key talent pool. The last thing you’d want to happen is to have your pipeline lag behind your future needs. Which is why you must identify the number of positions that you need and conduct a ”what if” analysis. Conducting an analysis will help shed some light on the strength of your talent pipeline and the impact a departing employee may have on your team.


This step mainly focuses on creating a powerful employer brand in order to attract high caliber candidates. It’s essentially important to thoroughly describe the kind of employment experience that your company has to offer in order to attract only those who can relate to it. Every company aspires to expand their candidate pool and that can be only done by increasing diversity, equity, and optimizing online job postings.


There are many ways that you can assess your talent. For instance, organizational knowledge, job challenges, and competencies are key areas to assessing your talent. Try not to compromise your standards when you’re trying to identify front line employees for your company. You must always conduct period reviews in order to ensure that your employees, plans, and  deliverables are on track.


In order to target certain competencies, you must design your development options such as: job rotations, executive coaching, and external and internal training. Always opt for marketing your development process internally; name it and create a logo and identity for it. This should be part of your overall development plan, where you must use self directed and cost effective methods that will help develop the majority of your employees.


Last but not least, reward strategies will help keep your employees motivated and will most definitely guarantee a dedicated post. Thank your top employees for their exemplary performance and for their contribution to the company. Giving them such exposure will ensure that every single one of them will remain motivated and challenged.