Every company aspires to invest in and cultivate high performing teams. When you purchase an ATS like Cavall you will most definitely improve your hiring process as it can help you create your own custom hiring steps where you can successfully source candidates. Sourcing the right candidates will mean that your target position will be filled by qualified candidates thus improving the efficiency of your team. The following are a few tips on how an ATS like Cavall can be used to build great teams:

Plan and Recruit Ahead of Time

Believe it or not but sometimes when you recruit ahead of time, you will stay on top of your game. When you don’t plan ahead or hire in advance you will no longer need to feel forced to reach out to the first candidate that you find. When you start your candidate pipelining ahead of time, will take the pressure off training and it allow you to find the perfect fit for a position in case an employee decides to unexpectedly leave the organization.

Consider Personality

Hiring a new employee can be quite challenging. If you want to ensure that a candidate is a cultural fit then you will need to consider hiring for personality. Sometimes, if a candidate does not have the necessary skills, but shows dedication and the willingness to learn, then they may end up being a great fit for the position. It’s important to look beyond the candidate’s qualifications on their CV. Many talented candidates are usually overlooked because they don’t have a certain “job title” or ”degree”. For these reasons, its crucially important to consider personality when looking for candidates.

Emphasize on Interests

When you ask employees about their likes and interests early on in the hiring stage, you may come to find that they’re better suited for a different position that what their skills indicate. By learning more about a candidate’s outside interests you can draw some fruitful conclusions on how they can thrive in the organization. Sometimes many employees acquire certain skills because they feel like it could add to or be beneficial to the their future.

Making Collaborative Hiring Decisions

Hiring candidates shouldn’t be done by only one person, it should be done collaboratively. Cavall will allow you to send CVs back and forth between the hiring staff which will allow them to collaborate in a convenient way. When you make collaborative hiring decisions, you will not only speed up the hiring process, but you will also ensure the process of building efficient teams.